Prescreen and enroll with ease

Save time, avoid hassle, and limit patient burden with easy-to-understand prescreening and built-in digital consent.



We recognize that thorough prescreening is essential to finding eligible patients and keeping them engaged throughout the research process. That's why our team of experts takes a deep dive into your protocol to create a prescreener that balances detail with simplicity, ensuring that the right patients are brought forward. 

Our prescreening process is seamlessly integrated into the Sano Platform, so patients can easily determine their potential eligibility from the start. By making prescreening straightforward and effective, we're helping to streamline the clinical trial process and improve patient outcomes.




Digital consent

Consent is a key piece of ensuring patients are educated and empowered as they decide to take part in medical research. The Sano Platform has digital consent built in, so you can easily collect and store the required participant consent.

Sano’s digital consent is a streamlined, efficient process that supports ethical and transparent research practices.

This is one of many ways Sano is making the patient journey frictionless.

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